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Ayokong magmahal ng katulad mo. Gusto ko ikaw mismo.

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Kahit ireblog ko pa ‘to, wala pa rin namang kakausap sakin. huhuhu

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Ayy, umaga na pala. GEDMERNENG!


Mahal mo ko Mahal mo din siya Ano to Fishball Piso dalawa


It was a Saturday night, around 20:00 and I was walking down the streets of the city of Amsterdam. I really don´t know why was I outside that night, I mean, I only went out my apartment if it was because of school or for a cup of coffee. Usually, around 20:00, I´m sitting at my old study table, reading a book or scrolling through my blog. So I guess that one Saturday night was a little different. I finally decided to take in some fresh air.

I felt thirsty after almost an hour of walking so I walked inside a coffee shop. I went straight to the counter and ordered a cup of Hazelnut Macchiato. The barmaid told me to wait for a couple of minutes; she also suggested that I should try to look for a table because sooner or later, the coffee shop will be packed with customers. I really didn´t want to move or anything so I just stood beside the counter.

“Ma´am?” the barmaid said. My coffee was ready so I collected my cup from the counter and I noticed the barmaid staring at me, I mouthed a thank you.

I sat at the nearest table from the counter then placed my cup gently on the table. After I got comfortable with my seat, I took a sip of my coffee. It was achingly hot, almost impossible to drink, so I let my coffee cool down a bit. I realized that I brought my purse with me; it was clinging on my wrist. There were three things in there: cash, gloss and a box of unopened cigarette. I zipped my purse and let it clung into my wrist. I looked around then I finally read a “no smoking” sign hanging near the door. I collected my things then went outside so I could smoke.

It was pretty crowded outside, maybe because it was the only place allotted for smokers. I stood at the corner, still holding the cup of Hazelnut Macchiato I just bought until a guy wearing a blue plaid shirt spoke.

“Sit, if you don´t mind because I don´t.” He was staring at me attentively. His eyes were blue, his hair was mahogany and he´s posture was bad. I really don´t know him but it´s the opposite of what I´m feeling. I really feel like I already know a lot about this guy.

Without any word of gratitude, I sat down in the chair opposite his. I drank my coffee while observing him, his features and everything. I noticed he was holding a stick of cigarette. He´s really handsome, something about him makes me question a lot of things. I dismissed the thought immediately. I almost forgot about my unopened box of cigarette. I finished my coffee then I cleared my throat.

“Could you please light my cigarette?” I murmured, not sure if he heard what I said.

“No, sorry but I don´t smoke.” He said.

I was so confused I decided not to say a single word again. I thought he was playing with me. How could he “not smoke” if he´s clearly holding a stick of cigarette, who´s he kidding, I thought.

I was tapping my stick of unlit cigarette in the table. I noticed he was looking at me so I rolled my eyes and frowned. I saw him smile then he took a sip of his coffee, I can see he ordered something with ice. After a couple of minutes of sitting there, he finally decided to say something, he forced a cough.

“It´s a metaphor” he whispered.

“I said it´s a metaphor, you see, I never lit a single stick of cigarette, you see —“before he could finish his speech, a girl wearing a blue-green dress approached him. The girl was beautiful, green eyes, short hair, just perfect. The guy in blue stood up to hug her.

“Ready?” the girl asked.

“Always” He said.

I was frozen in my seat; my eyes were glued to them. I can´t believe what I´m seeing, it’s like I´m dreaming. They had probably noticed my weird reaction so they both looked at each other.

“OKAY?” they both said.

“Oh—Okay” I replied

They walked together then the girl in the dress turned her head to check on me. I smiled at her and I mouthed a good night.

After several minutes of sitting there, staring at my unlit cigarette, holding the empty cup of coffee, I smiled.

“Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster” I whispered.

Kapag lalaking blogger, palaging kinakausap. Kapag babae, palaging unang kumakausap.


Anong kalokohan ito?

Boy bestfriend plith :’(

Nakakamiss magkaroon ng boy bestfriend :’(
Yung tipong di ka nya ituturing na babae at sasakay sa crazy trips mo. Maiintindihan ka at di ka iiwan whatever happens.

I’m only human and I bleed when I fall down
Yung nararamdaman mo, dinadaan mo na lang sa biro.
✔ Gutom parati.

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Yung taong namimili ng kausap. Not cool.

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Ayoko na magdear chuchu at yung make me choose. Walang napatol eh. Leche di nyo ba alam na masakit. Hahaha okay


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